You’ve heard about elderly care services, but you’re not sure exactly how they would fit into your mom’s lifestyle. She lives alone and finds it harder to manage her daily routine after her doctor diagnosed her as having a chronic health condition. She has medications she has to take each day. Maybe, she’s not as mobile as she used to be.

Elderly Care Plainview NY - A Typical Week With Elderly Care Aides 

Elderly Care Plainview NY – A Typical Week With Elderly Care Aides

Explore what a typical week with an elderly care aide would look like. There may be slight differences depending on your mom’s exact needs, but these are examples of the ways she could be getting assistance.

Here’s how elderly care providers can help:


The elderly care aide arrives at the specified time to make sure your mom is up, showered, and dressed. If your mom needs help with any of that, the caregiver is there to help out. If she showers and dresses independently, the caregiver will leave her alone and do something else like making the bed or cooking breakfast.

If your mom has to take her prescription medications before a meal, the caregiver reminds her to take them. If they’re taken during or after a meal, the caregiver makes sure your mom eats. The caregiver makes the coffee or tea and ensures your mom has a breakfast that meets her dietary restrictions, such as low-salt or sugar-free.

After cleaning and drying the dishes and wiping down the sink and counters, the caregiver moves on to household chores like vacuuming, dusting, and laundry. If your mom has appointments, the caregiver drives her. If she has exercises to do, she can have the caregiver nearby for encouragement or assistance.


Your mom’s elderly care aide cooks lunch and makes sure your mom has been drinking enough fluid. If she has afternoon medications to take, the caregiver can help with that. Throughout the day, the caregiver can also help with toileting and hand washing as needed.

Your mom can have the caregiver take her shopping, join her at the table to work on a puzzle together, or play games. The caregiver can go with her to walk the dog. If your mom’s mobility is limited, the caregiver can walk to the mailbox and collect the day’s mail.


If needed, the elderly care aide will make sure your mom has dinner. If your mom has an evening caregiver, the two elderly care aides will discuss what’s been done and what is still on the to-do list. If you take over at night, the caregiver will talk to you before leaving.

Your mom may only need an elderly care aide once a week to do the housework. If that’s the case, the caregiver will usually only be around for a few hours. If your mom needs around-the-clock care, she may have a team of caregivers working in shifts.

Does that sound like it would benefit your mom? Would she remain independent and secure in her home with these elderly care services? Call a specialist at our local agency and make arrangements for the services she needs.

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