Falls are extremely dangerous for older adults. There are underlying health issues that can contribute to a fall, but you might not have realized that these issues can become that dangerous. Their homecare aides would be able to observe what is happening under their care.

Here are five health care issues that may contribute to a fall that homecare aides may notice.

Homecare Rockville Center NY - Health Issues that Can Lead to a Fall for Your Senior

Homecare Rockville Center NY – Health Issues that Can Lead to a Fall for Your Senior


Dehydration is all to easy for your senior to develop, and it can lead to lightheadedness and even a fall. Lack of water can lower your senior’s blood pressure, which can be dangerous when she stands up and starts to walk. Talk to your senior’s doctor about just how much water she should ideally be drinking every day. She doesn’t have to hit that goal right away, because it’s a lot easier to ramp up water intake.


Pneumonia, particularly when your senior doesn’t realize she’s sick, can cause your elderly family member to feel weak and to have difficulty breathing. When that happens, your senior may not be getting enough oxygen and she can easily fall down. Signs of pneumonia can include mild to moderate chest pain and a cough that won’t go away.

Heart Issues

Your senior’s heart pumps blood through her entire body, and when it’s not able to do that, blood and oxygen don’t get everywhere that they need to go. This can cause fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms that can lead to a fall. Very often people with heart disease don’t realize that they have it until something bigger, like a fall, happens.


Urinary tract infections affect older people differently than they do younger people. Your senior might appear confused, disoriented, and may have difficulty with mobility. Very often, this is not immediately recognized as a bladder infection, so the situation may get worse before it gets better. Your senior’s doctor may recommend tests that confirm a UTI, which allows her to then treat the actual problem.


When your senior’s red blood cell count is low, she has anemia. This is important because the red blood cells are the ones that carry oxygen around her body through her bloodstream. When someone is anemic, they may not be getting enough oxygen to their brain, which can lead to balance issues and other problems. Treating the anemia resolves the issue.

How Homecare can Help

If your elderly family member is having difficulty with mobility or is concerned that she might fall, it’s a good idea to bring in a homecare services. The homecare aide can help her with tasks that are becoming more difficult and can also help to ensure she’s as safe as possible.

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