When you get into a car, there’s always a bit of a risk. Another driver might not be paying enough attention to the road and cause or almost cause a crash. An animal may run out in front of you. The weather might make road surfaces hazardous.

Elderly drivers may be excellent drivers, but it’s not always the case. It can take fractions of a second longer to react to a situation. It can be harder to properly check blind spots. Changes to vision may make it harder to drive when there is glare from headlights. Those are common issues seniors have when driving.

Elderly Care Manhassett NY - Make Sure Your Mom Uses These Tips When Driving Alone

Elderly Care Manhassett NY – Make Sure Your Mom Uses These Tips When Driving Alone

There are also situations that you hate thinking about, but it’s important that you do. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports there were 516,810 motor vehicle thefts reported in 2017. Purse snatching accounted for 100,590 of 2017’s reported crimes. Your mom needs to be aware of her surroundings when she’s in her car and driving alone. These safety tips will help when she’s driving alone.

Lock Doors Before Driving Off

Before leaving her home, your mom needs to lock her car doors. Most cars do this automatically when the car is in drive. If your mom’s car doesn’t have that option, she needs to get in the habit of locking her doors as soon as she’s in her car.

Carry a Phone

If she’s going out alone, it’s important that your mom carries a cell phone. Many modern cars are equipped with technology that can make calls by pushing a button on the steering wheel. She should have someone set up this feature. She needs to sit down and make calls to get used to using it.

Make Sure She Stores Her Purse Out of Sight

One of the more common vehicle thefts is a snatch and grab through a window. If your mom always puts her purse on the car seat next to her, she needs to change that behavior. When it’s on the seat, it’s in plain sight for anyone stood at an intersection. That person can then smash the window, grab the purse, and run off in seconds.

Your mom should put her purse on the floor to between her left leg and the car door or in her trunk. She wants it to be in a spot where it’s really hard to see.

Elderly Care Services Ensure Your Mom is Never Alone When Driving

Make sure your mom is never alone in the car. Elderly care providers can drive your mom to stores, medical offices, and other area homes and businesses. Instead of going out alone, your mom has a companion for her trips. If anything happens, she has another person to help her.

Elderly care services offer more than transportation. Call to learn more about caregivers and the benefits they offer seniors who are aging at home. Call our elderly care agency to discuss all of your mom’s options.

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