Home Care Services for Seniors Recovering From a Stroke

If your senior parent recently had a stroke and is ready to start recovering at home you should know that home care services are often recommended for them. Because the chances of a senior having a stroke are higher after they have had one, your senior parent really shouldn’t be alone at home in case they do have another stroke. Time is of the essence when a stroke happens. Getting medical treatment quickly is the best way to prevent permanent damage.

Some of the other benefits of home care services for seniors after a stroke are:

Lower Risk Of Depression

Home Care Massapequa NY - Home Care Services for Seniors Recovering From a Stroke

Home Care Massapequa NY – Home Care Services for Seniors Recovering From a Stroke

Seniors have a very high risk of developing depression after having a stroke. According to studies, as many as 50% of seniors develop depression after they have a stroke. Having a caregiver in the home with your senior parent will lower the risk of your senior developing depression. And your senior loved one may have less anxiety and other associated disorders when they know that they aren’t alone at home and that someone is always there to help them if they need it.

Respite Care For Family Caregivers

If you’re providing primary care for your senior loved one after your senior parent has a stroke home care can provide respite care for you. A home caregiver will take good care of your senior loved one so that you can take care of any other responsibilities that you have to take care of like taking your kids to school, taking care of your household, or working. You can also take some time off to get some much-needed rest while a care provider looks after your senior parent.

Help With The Day To Day Tasks

Your senior parent is going to need a lot of care and attention after their stroke. You will need to make sure they get to their medical appointments and physical therapy as well as making sure that they are doing things at home to aid in their recovery. While you are busy with all of that the dust will be collecting on shelves. The rugs will get dirty. Dishes will pile up in the sink. And a mountain of laundry will start to form. Having a care provider in the home to take care of those day-to-day tasks will free up your time and energy so that you can focus on helping your senior parent recover.

Fall Prevention

Seniors who have a stroke have a much higher risk of falling after their stroke. It’s important to do whatever you can to minimize the possibility that your senior loved one will fall at home as they recover. When a care provider is in the home with your senior parent around the clock to help them with things like getting up and walking, getting in and out of bed, getting showered, and getting dressed that will dramatically lower their risk of having a fall.

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