Talking to your senior parent about personal care can be awkward for both of you, but it’s a conversation that you will need to have. As seniors get older and have issues with mobility, grip, and balance personal care tasks like showering, getting dressed, shaving, or brushing their hair can be quite difficult. For an independent senior it’s embarrassing to not be able to do those things for themselves. When you talk to your senior parent about any issues that they are having with personal care you should suggest that they get help from a home care provider who can help them with tasks like showering or brushing their teeth.

Home Care Manhasset NY - Home Care: Things That Can Make Dressing Easier For Seniors

Home Care Manhasset NY – Home Care: Things That Can Make Dressing Easier For Seniors

There are also many different adaptive devices that can help seniors get dressed and feel more like themselves. If your senior loved one wants to remain at home and has assistance from a home care provider for some things but still wants to do some tasks themselves you should consider getting them devices like theses listed here.

Devices and Home Care Help

A Shoehorn

A shoehorn can be a big help for seniors when it’s time to put on shoes. Easy slip on shoes are the best choice for seniors but if a senior has swollen feet or the shows are new it might be difficult for your senior loved one to get their foot into the shoe. Instead of standing up and moving around trying to force their foot into the shoe and potentially falling the senior can gently guide their foot into the shoe with a shoehorn. Shoehorns can also help seniors remove shoes at the end of the way or when their feet are swollen.

A Dressing Stick

A dressing stick is a multipurpose tool with a hook and gripper tip on the end of a long handle. Seniors can use the gripper tip to grasp clothing or laces on shoes. The hook can be used to close zippers, pull buttons through buttonholes, or pick up clothing. The gripper tip can also be used to hold the edges of shirt while it’s being buttoned or unbuttoned. A dressing stick is a very useful thing for seniors to have and it’s great for people who are in rehab also.

A Stocking Aid

There are millions of people that wear compression socks or stockings every day to relieve pressure on their legs and promote good circulation. But compression socks or stockings are very difficult to get on because they are supposed to be tight enough to be constricting. Seniors often need to help getting them on and off. If you have a senior parent that wants to put compression socks or stockings on without help a stocking aid can help them do that by themselves.

Elastic Shoelaces

Most seniors prefer shoes that are slip on or that have Velcro closures. However, if your senior parent needs to wear dress shoes for something or wants to wear sneakers with laces for working out elastic shoelaces make it easy for your parent to put the shoes on by themselves. The elastic holds the closure tight like a lace but is easy for a senior to put on so they don’t need any grip strength or dexterity to close the shoe like they would if the shoe closed with a lace tie.

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