If you have senior parents that want to age in place they may tell you that they are getting along fine so that you won’t worry. But if you are paying close attention to how your senior loved ones are living you might start to notice some subtle signs that maybe they aren’t doing so well on their own. Don’t wait for your parents to tell you that they need help because they will not want to tell you. If you start to see  signs, then it’s time to have a conversation about personal care at home services with your senior.

Here are Some Indications that Personal Care at Home Services are Needed

The House Is Dirty

Personal Care at Home Great Neck NY - Signs Your Senior Needs Personal Care at Home

Personal Care at Home Great Neck NY – Signs Your Senior Needs Personal Care at Home

One of the most noticeable signs that it’s time to discuss personal care at home with your senior parents is that the house is dirty. Not just cluttered or untidy but dirty. Dishes start to stack up in the kitchen, cobwebs are appearing in corners, dust is an inch thick throughout the house, or floors look like they haven’t been vacuumed or mopped recently. Keeping up with the house chores can be difficult for seniors, especially if they have a large family home that needs a lot of upkeep. Home care assistance is a great help in keeping the house clean and sanitary for seniors.

The Lawn And Outside Aren’t Being Kept Up

If you notice that you have to wade through some tall grass to get to the door or that the outdoor areas are not being taken care of the way that they should that’s another big sign that your parents might need some help. A good lawn crew can get the property back in shape in no time, but only if your parents accept that they need some help with maintaining the home and the property.

Things Start To Pile Up

When magazines, newspapers, mail, and other items start to get stacked in piles around the house it could be because your loved ones are not able to pay bills, open mail, or read magazines easily anymore. A personal care at home provider can help by going through your parents’ mail with them and picking up newspapers, magazines, and papers in a timely way. Having help sorting out the papers and clutter can help keep your senior parents safe from falls and other injuries caused by tripping or falling in the home.

Your Parents Spend a Lot Of Time In Pajamas

Everyone likes to be comfortable at home. But if you notice that your parents are spending days wearing the same clothes or they’re always in their pajamas it could be that they are having trouble getting dressed or getting cleaned up. Personal care at home providers can help seniors with personal grooming, getting dressed, and looking and feeling their best each day.

The Cupboards Are Bare

When you look in the cupboards and they are almost empty, that’s a big red flag. It says that your parents aren’t shopping for food and supplies. Maybe they are worried about money, or maybe they are having trouble getting to the store. No matter what the reason is that’s a sure sign that it’s time to talk about getting some personal care at home services.

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