When it comes to home health care, it may be easy to assume that all visiting nurses and other care providers are basically the same. After all, what’s the difference?

Home Care Northport NY - Does Your Senior Need Home Care or Home Health Care?

Home Care Northport NY – Does Your Senior Need Home Care or Home Health Care?

In truth, there can be many differences, some of them significant. Just because somebody may be advertised as a “home health care” provider or aide doesn’t mean they are the same as everyone else.

It is possible to hire a provider for an aging loved one that isn’t the level of care they need. Let’s talk about some of the key factors to look for when hiring home health care.

Assuming that home health care is the same as “home care.”

Even though the two terms can and often are used interchangeably, they denote two completely different types of care.

In its most basic form, a home care aide is somebody who can assist with basic tasks of everyday living. They can help with toileting, bathing, preparing meals, getting an elderly client to a doctor’s appointment, some basic light housekeeping, and so on.

In most cases, a person who needs some type of physical support to get through each day is going to rely on a home care provider.

A home health care aide, or sometimes referred to as a visiting nurse, is a trained and licensed medical professional. This individual may be required to administer prescription medications, check vital stats and report that information back to the client’s doctor, and perform other basic medical tasks.

A home care aide is not likely to be licensed or certified to perform these basic tasks. That is a critical difference between the two.

So, a person might need direct medical attention and somebody to help administer medications and assume they can hire a basic home care aide. In that situation, though, they would benefit from a home health care provider.

Also, experience makes a world of difference.

There are many people who advertise themselves as home care providers who have never done this type of work before. They are not licensed, trained, or ready to handle the rigors of what this job entails.

The best way to hire a home health care provider when you need one is to go through an agency. Hiring independently puts the burden of vetting them on you. Unfortunately, a person can advertise themselves as being as experienced as they want to come across, but when you hire through an agency, you will know exactly who and what you’re getting.

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