Keeping your senior’s heart as healthy as possible is an urgent proposition as she ages. But talking about heart health might also make your senior’s eyes glaze over from boredom and frustration. In reality, heart health doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. Together you and your senior can put together a plan she can stick to and that she can love.

Home Care Northport NY - Four Ideas for Improving Your Senior’s Heart Health

Home Care Northport NY – Four Ideas for Improving Your Senior’s Heart Health

Work Closely with Her Doctor

The first step in managing any sort of health issue, but especially ones to do with heart health, is to work with your senior’s doctor to determine the best course of action. This might mean that she needs to go to her doctor a little more often than once a year, especially if she’s been avoiding even those visits. Her doctor can help you and your senior to put together a plan of action for heart health.

Look at Dietary Changes

Some of the foods your senior eats regularly might not be as helpful in heart health as she might hope. What she eats is the fuel and the nutrient source for her body to be able to heal itself, so what she’s eating matters incredibly. Making even small dietary changes can make a difference, because those small changes can lead to bigger ones down the road.

Exercise Can Help

Exercise gets your senior’s blood moving and builds up her muscle tone. Her heart needs for her to move regularly, even as an older adult. Talk to her doctor about what exercises are the best options for her and how much exercise is safe for her to do. She’ll need to start out slowly and work her way up to a more strenuous exercise routine if that’s what she wants to do.

Reducing Stress Is Important

Stress is only going to hinder your senior’s attempts at heart health. It’s really important that she learns how to safely manage her stress more effectively. Talk to your senior about what causes her stress and find techniques that help her to work through those feelings. There might be ways for you to help her to reduce her stress levels quickly.

Small changes that your elderly family member sticks with consistently are far more urgent than big changes that are going to overwhelm her. Consider hiring home care providers, too. Home care providers can help with things like meal preparation, which can make it easier for your senior to stick with the changes she’s making.

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