Are you feeling the stress of balancing your own holiday needs and desires with what your aging relative needs? Many family caregivers find themselves overwhelmed and anxious as the holidays approach because they realize they cannot do it all. Because the holidays are busy and stressful and wonderful all at the same time, family caregivers want to participate in everything from work parties and community events to personal traditions. Most of the time, their aging relative’s needs interfere.

Home Care Services Floral Park NY - Holiday Stress? Hire a Home Care Services Provider for Your Aging Loved One

Home Care Services Floral Park NY – Holiday Stress? Hire a Home Care Services Provider for Your Aging Loved One

Hiring a home care services provider to provide respite care during the holidays is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It means that your elderly loved one is being cared for by an experienced professional while you get some much-deserved time to yourself to embrace your holiday activities.

Holiday Stress and Family Caregiving

As you know, many elderly adults experience a decline in their physical and mental health and depend on family members for daily support. During the rest of the year, most family caregivers come to some kind of careful balance where they attend to their loved one’s needs as well as their own. The holidays, however, place extra demands that throw that careful balance off. It’s common for family caregivers to experience both holiday stress and caregiver stress.

If you are like most caregivers, you are also reluctant to ask for help from family members, friends and community services for seniors. However, instead of struggling and missing out on holiday events and traditions you enjoy, you can investigate hiring home care services providers for respite care. It’s the ideal solution for when you need some extra time for yourself without jeopardizing your aging relative’s health, comfort and safety.

How Home Care Services Providers Help During the Holidays

Hiring a home care services provider is an excellent way for you to properly manage your already overbooked schedule during the busy holiday season. Ever family caregiver should strive for some respite via home care services providers any time of year, but especially in the days and weeks that comprise winter holiday celebrations.

You may not realize that home care services providers are experienced professionals that bring skill and compassion to the job of taking care of your aging loved one and their needs. Home care services providers can come for a few hours as needed or stick to a regular schedule that you create for the holidays. Just a few of the areas that home care services providers can help with include showering or bathing assistance, toileting, personal hygiene, getting dressed, light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation.

Most importantly, these home care services providers make it possible for you to leave your elderly relative for a time, safe and healthy, to take care of your holiday needs. Of course it’s important to maintain balance during the holidays, and hiring home care services providers can help you do that.

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