Sometimes an injury or illness can create health problems for elderly adults, and their doctor recommends surgery as a treatment. While there are risks for older people to have surgery, most of the time the health problems, pain or prevention must be fixed. The doctor will consult with the elderly adult and their family caregiver on the best plan for the surgery.

Homecare Stonybrook NY - Will My Elderly Parent Need Post Surgery Care?

Homecare Stonybrook NY – Will My Elderly Parent Need Post Surgery Care?

The recovery process from surgeries big and small can be lengthy and seniors tend to take longer than younger adults due to age-related issues. While a lot of the specifics depends on the senior’s current health and wellness, plus the type of surgery done, there’s no doubt that they will need assistance in the early days and weeks after surgery. Hiring homecare providers means that aging adults will have all the help they need for recovering from surgery at home.

Looking at recovery time and all the physical limitations placed on elderly adults, hiring a homecare provider is really a must so the senior can focus on healing.

Who Needs Post-Surgery Care?

All elderly adults can use homecare providers for post-surgery care, because there will be many daily tasks that they cannot do on their own when they are in recovery. Some seniors may already be dependent on family caregivers and homecare providers for help every day, while others will need these services and support for the first time after their surgery.

Some of the more common surgeries that elderly people may face include cataracts, glaucoma, and treating varicose veins. These are more routine and will likely not have a long recovery time. However, more serious surgeries can lead to months of recovery. These include things like heart valve procedures, coronary artery bypass, joint replacement and cancer-related surgeries. Family caregivers should plan on short-term and long-term post-surgical care for their aging loved one.

What Goes Into Post-Surgery Care?

To heal at home after surgery, seniors must have someone to assist them with all the self-care tasks they cannot do. This includes bathing, getting to the toilet, dressing, grooming and hygiene. Some elderly adults need help getting in and out of beds or chairs, and getting around the house. Of course, homecare providers can also do light housekeeping, laundry, pet care, and run errands.

Of course, family caregivers should do as much as they can for their aging loved ones. However, responsibilities like jobs, spouses, children and more can leave the aging adult alone and vulnerable. With a professional homecare provider around, family caregivers can be with their aging relative whenever they can or leave them in capable hands when they cannot.

Having surgery can be quite overwhelming, and organizing a proper recovery is an important part of restoring the elderly adult’s health and wellness. Whether it is for a few days, a few weeks or many months to complete recovery, seniors should be able to depend on family caregivers and homecare providers for post-surgery care.

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