Following her father’s heart attack, Sylvia wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Her mother was struggling with her own health issues and Sylvia knew she wouldn’t be able to support Frank when he returned home from the hospital. Not the way he needed. Sylvia didn’t realize she was looking into their care, but that’s precisely what it was and she was focused on home care services.

Home Care Services Stonybrook NY - How Home Care Services Help With Various Needs

Home Care Services Stonybrook NY – How Home Care Services Help With Various Needs

There are many different types of care available to seniors, including independent living, assisted living, home care services, and some other options as well.

Sylvia began calling around to several agencies when her father was still in the hospital. This was a great first step. But, because she had never had to deal with anything like this before, she felt like a deer caught in the headlights. There are so many options available.

One of the key questions that the agency administrators asked her was about his needs. Even though this was all about her father and supporting him so he could recover better at home, she never contemplated his needs.

She just assumed a home care services aide would know exactly what he needed and step in and provide the care necessary.

There are many different types of ‘needs’.

First and foremost, the most pressing need is the physical one. Her father, Frank, would likely need a little extra support getting up out of bed, perhaps getting into and out of the shower, maybe getting help easing down onto the toilet or getting back up from it, rising from the recliner or couch, and so forth.

A home care aide can certainly provide that level of assistance as required. But that’s not the only type of need a person will have.

Frank will be going through a difficult emotional transition. The heart attack was frightening on its own, but now he is facing the prospect of a completely different life than what he experienced before the heart attack. He may be able to return to some activities, but some things he used to do might no longer be possible, realistic, or safe.

Those emotional needs will have to be addressed as well. Of course, a home care services aide may not be able to step in and fill the gap there, that’s why counseling may be necessary.

Another need could be companionship. While Sylvia’s mother would be there for conversations, perhaps to play a few games, what else might he be lacking? Will he be able to visit with friends as often as he had in the past?

These are all questions a person should be asking not just about their senior, but to the senior themselves when looking for care for him or her.

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