Home Health Care: Keep Your Dad’s Health in Mind During Christmas Gatherings

Between COVID-19 and the flu, you worry about your dad’s health during Christmas gatherings. You know socialization is important, but you want him to stay safe. What precautions can you take to reduce his risk of contracting a virus without restricting his activities? And if he is sick having home health care services can be an asset.

Home Health Care Stonybrook NY - Home Health Care: Keep Your Dad's Health in Mind During Christmas Gatherings

Home Health Care Stonybrook NY – Home Health Care: Keep Your Dad’s Health in Mind During Christmas Gatherings

Take Him for His Vaccinations

Your dad should have had the COVID shot by now, and he may be due a booster if six months have passed. He also should get his flu shot. Talk to his doctor. He might be allowed to get both his booster and his flu shot at the same time.

Make Sure People Stay Home if They’ve Been Exposed

Your brother really wants to see your dad, but his son goes to school where there was a COVID outbreak. Your brother and his family need to stay home and self-quarantine. It’s hard, but it’s the best option for keeping your dad healthy.

If your sister is getting over the flu, she needs to stay home, too. The worst of her symptoms may be over, but she can’t risk spreading it to your dad during the holidays.

Instead, they could chat with your dad over a video chat. While you’re there, you can set it up and make sure he’s able to talk to them for as long as he’d like. If he’s not able to chat over a computer or tablet, a phone call is the next best thing.

What If He’s Sick?

What if he is sick? Should he recover at home alone? You don’t live close by, so he’s on his own unless he is admitted into the hospital. There’s another option that you could be overlooking.

Getting Home Health Care Services

When you hire nurses to support your dad as he recovers, he has nurses available to administer IVs, therapies, injectable medications, and special diets. The nurse can track his blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation levels to ensure he’s okay. Those readings are reported to the doctor, and adjustments to his medications or care needs are coordinated.

Talk to your dad’s doctors about home health care services. If he needs IV medications, fluids, or injections as he battles a virus, he could have a nurse administer those treatments in his home. He avoids an uncomfortable stay in a hospital, but he doesn’t risk his health by avoiding the medical care he needs. Call our home health care agency to learn more.

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