24-Hour Home Care for the Most Common Health Issues After 65

After the age of 65, 80% of older adults have at least one chronic health issue. Almost seven out of ten adults in this age group have at least two. Do your parents have any of the top ten chronic conditions or illnesses and are they being assisted with 24-hour home care?

  • High blood pressure (58%)
  • High cholesterol (47%)
  • Arthritis (31%)
  • Heart disease (29%)
  • Diabetes (27%)
  • Chronic kidney disease (18%)
  • Heart failure (14%)
  • Depression (14%)
  • Alzheimer’s and other dementias (11%)
  • COPD (11%)
24-Hour Home Care Great Neck NY - 24-Hour Home Care for the Most Common Health Issues After 65

24-Hour Home Care Great Neck NY – 24-Hour Home Care for the Most Common Health Issues After 65

Care needs with these chronic health conditions depend on the severity. Prescription medications, exercise, and diet are the go-to treatment plans for these older adults. With diseases like dementia, daily care and supervision are vital. Have you considered the benefit of 24-hour home care services with these health issues?

They Never Miss a Dose of Their Prescription Medications

Chronic health conditions often require at least one prescription drug. If your mom has Alzheimer’s, she will be taking medications that slow the progression of the symptoms. If your dad has heart disease, he’ll be on heart medications. Missing a dose of one of these prescription pills impacts their health.

With 24-hour home care services, they never miss a dose. If your dad takes pills every four hours, he has caregivers in the home to remind him to take his next pill. Whether the medication is needed during the day or in the middle of the night, a caregiver is there.

Your Parents Feel Secure with 24-Hour Home Care Services

When you have a health issue that impacts your health and safety, being alone is stressful. Your mom has COPD and needs to avoid feeling anxious. Breathing is already difficult, and anxiety attacks worsen the issues.

By making sure a caregiver is in the home at night, your mom may wake up and feel panicked but know she has a supportive caregiver nearby if she needs help. Knowing that she’s not alone eases her stress and tension.

You Need a Break and Get to Take One

You’ve been taking care of a parent with Alzheimer’s for years. Despite your need for time off, you know it’s impossible to leave your mom or dad alone. You keep pushing aside your desire for a week’s vacation for now.

Self-care is even more important. If you need a break, it’s imperative that you take one. Hire 24-hour home care services to ensure someone is with your parent while you go on vacation. Your mom or dad has professional caregivers there throughout the day and night, so they’re never alone while you’re away.

Many chronic health conditions require care and attention throughout the day and night. When you can’t help your mom or dad take care of themselves, home care can help. Call our agency and ask about the rates and services available from our local 24-hour home care specialists.

Sources: https://www.ncoa.org/article/the-top-10-most-common-chronic-conditions-in-older-adults

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