One of the first instincts for adult children when their aging mother or father is showing signs of slowing down, has been injured or disabled in an accident, or have some other chronic health issue is to dictate what they should or shouldn’t do. When your elderly mother is having some type of health related problem and is advancing in years, you may assume that hiring a home health care aide for her is your responsibility.

Home Health Care Rockville Center NY - Hiring a Home Health Care Aide for Mom Should Always Include Her in the Process

Home Health Care Rockville Center NY – Hiring a Home Health Care Aide for Mom Should Always Include Her in the Process

Whether or not it is your “responsibility” is not a discussion for this topic, but rather what you do when it comes time to rely on home health care.

Do you make all the decisions for her?

If it’s your tendency to take the reins and take charge, that can be great in many areas and aspects of life, but not when it comes to your relationship with your elderly mother or father. Even if you possess power of attorney over her legal affairs, that doesn’t necessarily mean you get to make all decisions about her health and well-being.

Make sure to include her in the process of hiring a home health care aide. If you don’t, if you tell her you are about to hire somebody, she can feel as though she is losing control of the last remnants of whatever she managed hold dear in her life.

This is an opportunity for you to show compassion, caring, and understanding. When it comes time to rely on a visiting nurse, include your mother in the process of looking for one and hiring one.

What does this mean, exactly?

You don’t need her to call different agencies seeking out a quality home health care provider, but make sure you discuss the prospect with her ahead of time. Let her know why she would benefit from a home health care aide.

She may be resistant to this idea, but usually when seniors understand the support services that home health care providers offer, they are more likely to agree.

Then, when you begin sitting down to interview different home health care providers or an agency, include her in that process, too. Let her meet a perspective home health care aide.

This will help your mother feel as though she retains some sense of control over the events happening in and around her life. That will help her buy into this new way of life and feel more comfortable and confident with the decision.

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