Ensuring that your elderly family member is as safe as possible at home is a big job. There are a lot of different moving parts involved and it’s easy to overlook some of the simple, but important, ones.

Homecare Floral Park NY - Four Ideas for a Safer Home You Might Not Have Considered

Homecare Floral Park NY – Four Ideas for a Safer Home You Might Not Have Considered

Anti-slip Mats or Tape Under Rugs

Rugs, carpets, and even runners can all be slippery, even if they’ve got a backing. Using an extra layer of protection is often a good idea. Tape is one solution, but you need to test the tape in an inconspicuous location. Look for sticking power first, but also make sure that you’re able to remove the tape without damaging the flooring at all. You can also try using anti-slip mats. These are rubberized mats that fit directly under the rug. You can trim them to size and they don’t adhere to the flooring but they grip the rug to keep it from sliding.

Door Solutions

Your senior may have trouble with doors for a lot of different reasons. If she’s experiencing cognitive ailments, then making sure that she doesn’t leave when you’re not expecting her to can be a concern. Door alarms and locks that fit high on the door itself can be a good answer. Or your elderly family member may use a wheelchair or other mobility device and need help opening doors. Door openers can take care of that for her. Another common situation is no longer being able to operate doorknobs, so it helps to swap them out for lever-style knobs instead.

Furniture Bumpers

You never want to infantilize your senior family member, but there are some tools that parents use that could be helpful for her situation. Silicone furniture bumpers fit easily over sharp edges and corners to protect delicate skin from bruising or even getting cut. These are an especially good idea if your senior has difficulty seeing well. Getting them in bright colors can help to make the edges and corners more visible, too.

Containers Just for Those Items that Get “Lost”

It’s not unusual at all for household items to “migrate” from one room to another. As a quick way to make sure you can collect those items and get them back where they belong, consider using a bin or container in each room that you can place those lost items into. When you think about it, go through the bin and take items with you that belong in the room you’re headed to. This can help you to reduce clutter and to reduce situations where your senior can’t find what she needs when she wants it.

Keeping up with safety for your senior can be complicated, especially when you’re already busy. Homecare providers can help you both to stay on target with her goals for safety and for staying in her home for as long as possible.

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