Use Home Health Care to Recover After Heart Surgery

After heart surgery, your dad isn’t going to be back to normal in a few days. The first part of his recovery may take a couple of months. It may take a few months before he’s able to sleep through the night. He’s also likely to be frustrated, scared, and anxious. To help him with his recovery, it’s often advised to get him back home as soon as possible. It’s tough to sleep in a hospital bed. The noises, smells, and mattress aren’t familiar or soothing. His cardiology team may recommend having him recover at home with the help of several home health care services.

Pain Management

Home Health Care Huntington NY - Use Home Health Care to Recover After Heart Surgery

Home Health Care Huntington NY – Use Home Health Care to Recover After Heart Surgery

Your dad will feel some pain for several weeks. Pain management is essential. Nurses can help with IV pain medications, if they’re the recommended option, or manage his prescription pain medications if they’re prescribed.

Wound Care with Home Health Care Assistance

The incision from heart surgery needs to be kept dry for several days. After that, your dad needs to keep it clean, check for signs of infection, and improve his diet to aid healing. Antioxidant-rich foods can help the tissue heal.

Home health care nurses assist with wound care. They can check the stitches for problems, look for the early warning signs of infection, and alert the doctor if your dad isn’t healing as well as expected.

Meals and Diet

Your dad’s diet needs to change. He may not have much of an appetite and need to learn how to eat smaller meals throughout the day. He’s going to need to focus on dietary changes like low-fat, low-sugar, and low-sodium meals.

A dietitian can come to his home and teach your family where to find recipes that match his new dietary restrictions. You’ll learn tips for shopping for the best ingredients, how much to eat, and how often to eat.


Physical therapy services in his home can help your dad regain strength. He may also benefit from occupational therapy. He’ll need to have professionals teach him how to exercise following his heart surgery without straining the heart too much.

Talk to your dad’s cardiology team about his recovery needs. They’ll likely agree he’ll recover well at home if he has the right support team. Once you know the care he’ll need, call our home health care agency.

He can have nurses helping him check his incisions and change bandages from the comfort of home. He’ll have a dietitian helping him learn the best dietary measures to take. Finally, he can have physical therapists come to his house and help him with his physical fitness needs. With home health care, he’ll be in good hands.

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