It can often be stressful trying to communicate with an elderly loved one. Sometimes, elderly people don’t want to hear younger adults telling them what to do or how they should handle certain situations. This is often due to pride or stubbornness. However, it can also be from health challenges that the person is trying to handle. Keep reading to learn more about communicating with a difficult senior citizen and the help that home care can provide.

Try Questions Instead of Requests

Home Care Plainview NY - Home Care Tips to Communicate with a Difficult Senior

Home Care Plainview NY – Home Care Tips to Communicate with a Difficult Senior

There are times when a small request can make an elderly person feel frustrated and upset. You and home care providers may want to consider using questions instead of requests. Instead of telling your elderly loved one what they should do, try using questions that offer them a choice. For instance, you could ask your elderly loved one what type of clothing they would like to wear each day, instead of just getting clothes out for them. This will make your elderly loved one feel important and more in control.

Laughter and Sense of Humor

As the saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine”. This means that you may want to try starting some conversations with a joke or something silly to lighten the mood. This will most likely get your elderly loved one smiling and make them feel better. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t always joke around. There are certain things that should be taken seriously.

Try Your Best Not To Shout

Do your best not to shout at your elderly loved one. This might be difficult if your elderly loved one has a hearing problem. However, if you can remember to turn off background noises, speak in a calm voice, and be patient, the outcome should be worth it. If you find yourself regularly shouting at your elderly loved one, you may need a break. You can have a home care provider come in for a while, so you can get a break.

Other Sources Like Home Care can Assist

It can often be difficult to communicate with an elderly person. This does take patience, practice, and calming nature. Try using the tips mentioned here today during the conversations you have with your elderly loved one. If you can do that, the outcome will usually be much better. If you need further assistance in communicating with your elderly loved one, you should talk to their home care providers, doctors, or others who communicate with them regularly. They may have additional tips for improving the conversations you have with your elderly loved one. It is also a great idea to regularly check in with your elderly loved one to see how they are feeling. This will also improve the connection and communication you have with them.


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