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Ways to Ensure Your Senior’s Medication Is Managed Properly

Home Health Care Rockville Center NY-When your senior takes more than a few medications, it’s easy to lose track of what is happening to them. Here are some useful tips.

Adhering to her prescription plan is vital for your elderly family member. In some cases, it can even be a matter of life and death. When you’re dealing with something that important, it’s essential that you have a way to make sure that your senior’s needs around medication adherence are met. This is an area that home health care providers can help you handle.

Get to Know What Your Senior’s Medications Are

Home Health Care Rockville Center NY - Five Ways to Ensure Your Senior’s Medication Is Managed Properly
Home Health Care Rockville Center NY – Five Ways to Ensure Your Senior’s Medication Is Managed Properly

If you don’t already, you need to have a thorough understanding of what medications your senior takes and what the dosages are of each. One easy solution is to keep a digital list of your senior’s prescriptions in a cloud-based storage solution. This allows you to update the list any time there are changes and you can easily access the list when you need it.

Bring in Home Health Care Professionals

Home health care professionals are able to set up a plan for medication management that ensures your senior stays on target. They make it a lot easier for your elderly family member to stay on target with medications. If she’s taking new medications, nurses can help your elderly family member to watch out for side effects and ensure that she’s taking the medication properly.

Find a Pill Organizer That Is Easy to Use and Use Alarms and Reminders to Help

The right pill organizer makes medication management easier for everyone who helps your elderly family member. There are some very simple ones that have one section per day, but if your elderly family member takes multiple medications at different times throughout the day, she may need a more robust system. Again, home health care professionals can help you to find the solution that will work best for your senior.

Another important tool that can help with medication management for your senior is electronic reminders. You can set alarms on a smartphone or tablet that help your elderly family member to remember when it’s time to take medication. Reminders in an online calendar system can help you to keep track of refill dates and when your senior needs to go back to her doctor for medication reviews. Using a variety of alarms and reminders can automate much of what might have been a manual process in the past.

Tie in Medications to Other Essential Activities

Another tip that many people find helpful is to connect medication times to other essential activities. This becomes a habit stack that can help your elderly family member to make sure that she doesn’t miss a medication. There might be certain medications your elderly family member can take with breakfast, for instance, or that she might take as soon as she starts to get ready for bed at night. Tying in those activities with the habit of taking her medication serves as its own reminder.

Medication is not something that your senior takes for no reason, so it’s essential that she’s taking her medication properly. Having the right medication management plan in place ensures that she’s on target for whatever she needs her medications to do for her.

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