Ensure Your Mom Uses Space Heaters Safely When It’s Cold Outside

Some of the northern east coast was hit by a Polar Vortex with wind chills bringing the temperature to as low as -50. This is just one of many deep freezes that people experience. When your mom lives alone, weather events like this are concerning, especially if she relies on a space heater to keep her home warm enough. Having senior home care providers helping her would be an added security to her safety and help with these suggestions here.

Before relying on a space heater, have her dress in layers that can be pulled on and taken off as needed. Thick socks help keep her warm, and so will a lap quilt when she’s sitting down. When she goes to bed, extra blankets are a must.

Use the Space Heater in a Small Room and Don’t Overload Outlets

A space heater will be more efficient if your mom uses it in a smaller room and not a large open area. If she has to use one in a larger room, have a fan to help push the warm air farther.

If your mom is running a space heater, she needs to plug it into a wall and not a power bar. Make sure she doesn’t use an extension cord.

Keep Space Heaters Away From Objects

If your mom has to use a space heater, she should only use it when she’s awake. It needs to be at least three feet from other objects like a sofa, chair, or curtains. The risk of starting a fire is too great.

Place the space heater on a hard surface and not carpeting. A tile floor is ideal. If you don’t have hardwood or tile floors, use a large baking sheet that you flip over or a cutting board to provide some form of buffer between the carpet and the space heater.

Invest in a Space Heater With Safety Features

Does your mom have pets? Invest in a space heater that turns off if it is bumped or tipped over. If a pet accidentally bumps it while running around, it will shut off immediately as a safety precaution.

Another safety feature to consider is a space heater that has a thermostat and shuts on and off as needed. If the thermostat registers that the room has reached 74. It shuts off and cycles as needed. It’s not running constantly and heating up too much.

Make Sure Senior Home Care Aides Check In Regularly

If your mom is home alone all week, it’s time to talk about the benefits of senior home care. She doesn’t have to be on her own when it’s cold or stormy.

Have a caregiver stop by and check on her each week or during cold snaps to ensure her water is running, power is on, and her heating system is keeping her house warm enough. Learn more about senior home care by making a call.

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