Having a loved one with dementia comes with many challenges. People with dementia often exhibit behavioral changes that are disturbing and difficult to manage. One common behavior is asking caregivers to take them home or saying that they want to go home repeatedly when they are at home. Understanding the behavior and how to respond to it can make the behavior a little less challenging.

Homecare Floral Park NY - Why Does Your Parent with Dementia Tell You They Want to Go Home?

Homecare Floral Park NY – Why Does Your Parent with Dementia Tell You They Want to Go Home?

The Reasons Behind the Behavior

First, it’s important to know that “home” may mean different things. They might mean their childhood home, a home they recently moved from, or it could just mean a feeling. Sometimes asking to go home is a sign that the person is feeling frightened and confused. Asking to go home could be an expression of their desire to feel safe.

Because a person with dementia gradually loses their ability to communicate effectively, the words they say may have nothing at all to do with going home. Instead, they may mean that they need something else. Perhaps they need to use the bathroom, but can’t remember how to tell you that.

Regardless of the reason for the behavior, try not to let it bother you or make you feel like they don’t want to be with you. Remember that it is a symptom of the disease and is not personal.

Strategies for Managing the Behavior

When your aging family member repeatedly tells you they want to go home, there are several things you can do to deal with the behavior, such as:

Tell the Truth: If the person has recently moved and you believe they are asking to go back to their old home, gently explain the situation to them. There’s no need to include a lot of complicated details. Instead, keep the explanation simple and assure them they are safe.

Provide Familiar Objects: Having items around that the person is familiar with and enjoys can reduce the behavior.

Redirect: Sometimes it can help to distract the person by doing something with them that they enjoy. Engage them in a favorite activity, go for a walk, or enjoy their favorite snack. These distractions can make them feel calmer and stop the behavior for a while.

Reminisce: Try identifying with the feeling behind the behavior, such as missing something from their younger days. Invite them to reminisce about their past and tell you their stories.

Another strategy for reducing the behavior is to hire a homecare provider. Having a homecare provider they can count on will help them to feel safer, which can be a remedy for many of the dementia behaviors that are associated with anxiety. A homecare provider can also do meaningful and enjoyable activities with a dementia patient, which can distract them or prevent boredom, making them happier in general.

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