Elder Care in Plainview NY: National Woman's Check-up Day (May 8th): What Exams Should Your Mom be Getting and How Often

Elder Care in Plainview NY: National Woman’s Check-up Day (May 8th): What Exams Should Your Mom be Getting and How Often

Each year on the second Monday in May, the U.S. Department of Health holds National Woman’s Check-up Day. On this day, women are urged to go for a check-up. Has your mom been for a check-up lately? If you’re not sure, now’s the time to talk about scheduling one. During that medical appointment, make sure your mom’s physician is running the following exams.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is usually one of the first tests your mom’s doctor will run each year. High blood pressure puts her at a higher risk of stroke and heart disease. If it is high, your mom’s doctor will likely recommend diet, exercise, and possibly prescription medications.

Cholesterol Levels

For a yearly cholesterol test, your mom’s blood will be drawn and then tested for both HDL and LDL levels. If bad cholesterol levels are too high, medications, diet, and exercise can help lower them.

Diabetes Check

A yearly blood test to check sugar levels is another important test for an aging parent to have. Pre-diabetes is becoming more prevalent than in prior decades. The test is quick and easy and will uncover if sugar levels are higher than they should be, an indicator of pre-diabetes. Preventative measures can help stop pre-diabetes from progressing into diabetes.


Mammograms help find breast cancer as early as possible. A mammogram is an important test for your mom to have every year or two. You’ll probably have to schedule this screening separately in a mammogram clinic, but ask your mom’s physician first as some offices have the equipment available on-site. Yearly clinical breast exams are also recommended.

Osteoporosis Screening

As women age, calcium levels may decrease and put your mom at risk for brittle bones. This increases the chance of breaking a bone during a fall. Monitoring the bone density is an important test for aging women from the age of 65 on. According to the National Institutes of Health, retesting every 15 years is satisfactory after getting normal test results. Women showing signs of bone loss should be retested every year.

Pap Smear

Once your mom is over the age of 65, a pap smear may no longer be necessary. Typically, these tests are performed yearly, but she’s had multiple negative tests, her physician may say every five years is enough.

What happens if your mom can’t drive for some reason? Getting her to and from medical appointments doesn’t have to be a challenge. If your work schedule conflicts with important appointments, talk to an elder care professional. Many elder care services include transportation as part of their menu of care options.

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