Cataracts are a filmy buildup of protein that creates a physical barrier on the eye’s lens. If cataracts become too thick, they can even completely impair your senior’s ability to see. Here are some facts you and your elderly family member need to have about this eye issue.

Symptoms Tend to Be Gradual

Senior Care Massapequa NY - Four Facts about Cataracts for Family Caregivers
Senior Care Massapequa NY – Four Facts about Cataracts for Family Caregivers

Cataracts aren’t a sudden issue for older adults. They tend to form slowly over a long period of time, usually years. Sometimes, though, cataracts can form more quickly. Your elderly family member might eventually start to notice that her vision isn’t as clear as it used to be, especially at night or in low lighting. She might also be more sensitive to light than she used to be. From your perspective, you may start to notice that your senior’s eyes look a little cloudier.

Cataracts Don’t Have to Be a Permanent Problem

Your senior might be worried that there’s nothing she can do about cataracts. The reality is that there are lots of different types of treatments her eye doctor may recommend. In the earlier stages, special lenses can be a huge help, as can improving lighting when your senior is trying to read or do any close work. The other end of the treatment spectrum includes surgery to remove the cataracts.

Your Senior’s Health Can Affect Cataract Formation

Other health issues can actually create a situation in which cataracts are more likely for your senior. There are issues she can control, like whether she smokes or not, but there are also issues that she may not have as much control over. Health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes can make cataracts more likely for your senior. If she’s concerned about whether she’s more likely to develop cataracts, she should talk to both her doctor and her eye doctor to get accurate risk information.

Having More Help for Your Senior Is a Good Idea

Cataracts can cause some serious concern for your senior, especially if they’re becoming more severe. It’s vital to make sure that she’s got plenty of space to move safely in her home, so removing clutter is important. You may also want to ensure that she has some extra help from senior care providers. They can look after safety concerns and assist your elderly family member with any tasks that are becoming more difficult for her.

Paying attention to eye issues before they become too debilitating is very important. Talk to your senior’s medical team as soon as possible so that you can start finding solutions if you need to do so.

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