Falling is a very real fear for many older adults and for the people who care for them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of people aged 65 and older fall each year. One of every five of those falls causes a serious injury. If your parent falls, they could break a bone or suffer a head injury. Injuries like these can result in permanent disability. Some seniors are even unable to live alone after a fall.

Here are many steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of your aging parent falling and homecare can help.

Increase Physical Activity

Homecare Plainview NY - Worried About Your Parent Falling? Homecare Can Help
Homecare Plainview NY – Worried About Your Parent Falling? Homecare Can Help

While it might seem like the more your parent moves around the more likely they are to fall, the truth is that seniors who don’t get enough exercise are putting themselves at greater risk. Leading a sedentary life weakens muscles, which means the body can’t support itself as well.

By helping your parent to increase their physical activity, a homecare provider can improve muscle strength and, thus, reduce the chances of a fall. Some of the ways a homecare provider can increase physical activity for your parent is by involving them in activities around the house, going for walks with them, or monitoring exercise so the senior feels safe.

Lend Support While Walking

Some older adults benefit from having an arm to lean on while walking. This may be especially true when they are out of the house where the territory isn’t as familiar, and surfaces may be uneven. A homecare provider can allow your parent to lean on their arm while walking. Homecare providers can also offer guidance to avoid slippery spots, holes, and other fall hazards.

Keep the House Tidy

When the house is cluttered and things are left lying around, your parent may trip and fall. A homecare provider can keep the house picked up, putting items away and especially making certain walkways are kept clear. Homecare providers can also make certain spills are cleaned up promptly, so your parent doesn’t slip.

Change Lightbulbs

Good lighting is essential for preventing falls in the home. Seniors who don’t see well can lessen the chances of tripping over items or bumping into things by keeping the house brightly lit. To do so, it’s necessary to change light bulbs when they blow out. Because lightbulbs are often out of reach, your parent may need assistance to change them or have to risk climbing a ladder or standing on a chair. When a homecare provider visits regularly they can watch for burned out bulbs and change them.


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