You understand the value of home health care. You also realize there is a significant difference between home health care and general home care. You need somebody who can perform some basic medical tasks. Namely, a visiting nurse.

It’s important that you choose the right one for your elderly mother. We have put together a few simple tips that should help you find the right home health care provider for this aging senior in your life.

Tip #1: Choose a home health care aide with experience.

Home Health Care Huntington NY - Three Tips on Choosing the Right Home Health Care Provider for Your Elderly Mom
Home Health Care Huntington NY – Three Tips on Choosing the Right Home Health Care Provider for Your Elderly Mom

This may not always be feasible, but where you have options, try to focus on those who have done this for a while. That doesn’t mean an inexperienced visiting nurse is going to be a liability, but the more experience somebody has working with elderly clients in their home, the more they understand the value of safety, timeliness, and personal relationships.

Home health care providers offer far more than just a few moments of checking in, administering medication, checking vital stats, and so on. They can also offer a lot of insight as far as potential safety risks in the home that should be addressed, companionship, and physical support from time to time.

When you find a home health care provider with experience, that increases the likelihood that things will go smoothly right from the start.

Tip #2: Avoid confusing home care with home health care.

The terms may often be used interchangeably, but they refer to two distinctly different workers. A home care aide is somebody who cannot perform basic medical tasks, like administering medication.

A home care provider will assist with physical tasks, like bathing, toileting, getting dressed, preparing meals, and so on. A home health care aide is a licensed medical professional who can assist with many tasks involving medical care at home.

Many times, when a person is being discharged from the hospital, their doctor may recommend home health care, at least for a few weeks while they settle in to make sure their recovery is on track.

Tip #3: Rely on an agency.

Agencies offer more resources when it comes to home health care. When you hire independently, you may not fully understand a person’s background, experience, or licensure.

With an agency, though, you will have confidence that the person you hire is licensed, experienced, and has integrity. The most important thing when supporting elderly men and women at home is to provide them the care they need when they need it.

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