Your elderly family member might be experiencing more trouble emotionally and psychologically than she’s mentioned to you. Some of the emotional difficulties that your senior is experiencing could be chemical or as a result of health issues she’s facing. Others may have more of a basis in how she’s feeling emotionally.

Managing Boredom

Home Care Floral Park NY - What Are Some of the Emotional Trouble Your Senior Might Experience?
Home Care Floral Park NY – What Are Some of the Emotional Trouble Your Senior Might Experience?

Your senior might have gone from a very full and active life to one in which she’s forced, either because of health issues or for other reasons, to be less active. She might have looked forward to retirement, for instance, only to realize afterward that she suddenly feels bored more often than not. It’s important for her to have ways to manage that boredom in a positive way or she might experience feelings around that situation that are difficult.

Feeling Isolated and Alone

Isolation and loneliness are unfortunately very common for older adults. Family members and friends may be busy with other obligations and again, if your elderly family member is a lot less active than she used to be, that has an impact. Your senior may not know how to resolve these issues, either. There can be other circumstances that contribute and make the situation even more complicated.

Feeling Depressed

Loneliness and isolation can lead to depression, but there are other possible causes, too. If your elderly family member is already prone to depression, it’s important to make sure that you’re both alert for the signs that she might be slipping into another downward spiral. Talk to your senior’s doctor about possible solutions. Talk therapy can be very helpful, but medication may help, too.

Difficulty Managing Life Transitions

There are so many changes that your elderly family member is facing as she ages. If her health is fragile, it can feel as if every day is full of changes and transitions that she’s still trying to weather. It’s not unusual for older adults to have difficulty with those transitions. Your senior may feel out of control and as if all of her choices are being taken away from her. It can help to talk through what’s going on so that she can process her feelings.

Your elderly family member might experience some or all of these challenges over time. It’s important that as her caregiver and her home care provider are watching for ways that you can help her to deal with the feelings she’s experiencing as they pop up so that she can get help when necessary.

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