Pet Care Tips For Seniors

Pets can bring a lot of joy to seniors. Pets help reduce stress, increase happiness, and they can be a great motivator to get seniors to go outside and take a walk every day. But pets also require a lot of care. And as seniors get older they may find that it’s not as easy to take care of a pet as it used to be. Senior home care services can include pet care if your senior loved one is struggling to keep up with the needs of their pets. Sometimes seniors just need a little extra help when it comes to things like getting a pet to the vet or shopping for pet supplies.

In addition to getting help from senior home care providers, there are some things that seniors can do to make pet care easier like:

Get The Heavy Stuff Delivered

Senior Home Care Plainview NY - Pet Care Tips For Seniors

Senior Home Care Plainview NY – Pet Care Tips For Seniors

One of the toughest parts of pet care is shopping for huge bags of food or giant containers of cat litter. Buying pet food and litter in bulk or in large sizes is much cheaper than buying smaller bags and boxes. But carrying those giant bags of food or large boxes of litter can be tough even for people who are young and strong. It can be very difficult and dangerous for seniors. But many retailers now offer delivery of pet supplies. Even local stores may have same-day delivery of the pet supplies that your senior loved one needs. Your senior loved one can have all the heavy pet food and litter they need to be delivered right to their door. And in some cases, the delivery people will also bring the bags inside if they know your senior loved one needs help.

Try Doggie Daycare

If your senior loved one has a dog that has a lot of energy and your senior loved one isn’t able to keep up doggie daycare is a great option. Your senior loved one’s dog can go to doggie daycare for a few hours each day to run and play with the other dogs and get out some of that energy. Then the dog will be quiet on walks with your senior loved one and sleep throughout the night. High-energy dog breeds that need a lot of exercise can benefit from doggie daycare.

Ask About In-Home Vet Care

Getting a pet to the vet isn’t easy for anyone, especially seniors. If your senior loved one doesn’t drive anymore arranging transportation that will allow an animal can be very tough. And even if your senior loved one can find transportation willing to take a pet if the pet gets nervous or upset and soils a taxi or ride-sharing car your senior may have to pay a large cleaning fee. A better option is to ask your senior loved one’s vet if they are willing to make house calls. More and more vets these days are willing to come to a senior’s home and take care of their pet on-site to make it easier on both the senior and the animal.

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