How Skilled Nursing At Home Can Help Seniors With Cancer

When seniors are undergoing treatment for cancer it can be helpful for them to have skilled nursing care at home. The symptoms of cancer combined with the effects of chemotherapy or radiation treatments can make seniors feel terrible. And there are some risks for serious medical events that can occur.

Having skilled nursing care at home can give seniors and their families peace of mind because they will know that a medical professional is monitoring their condition. If there is something that goes wrong or if your senior parent suddenly experiences such severe side effects that they need immediate medical invention a skilled medical professional can call for help and then begin emergency treatment.

Skilled nursing care providers can also help seniors with cancer by:

Monitoring For Infections

Skilled Nursing Care Massapequa NY - How Skilled Nursing At Home Can Help Seniors With Cancer

Skilled Nursing Care Massapequa NY – How Skilled Nursing At Home Can Help Seniors With Cancer

Infections are common in seniors who are going through cancer treatment because the treatment can knock out a senior’s whole immune system while fighting cancer. Infections in seniors can be deadly, so it’s very helpful to have a medical professional with your senior parent who will recognize the symptoms of infection early and can treat or get treatment for the infection right away. 

Helping Seniors Eat 

Extreme nausea can be another side effect of cancer treatment. It can make it very difficult for seniors to eat enough food to stay healthy and help their bodies fight off cancer. A  nurse can assess what the senior has in their pantry and make suggestions for foods that will be highly nutritious but easy to eat so that the family members can make sure those foods are in the home. A nurse can also start an I.V. if your senior parent needs fluids or nutrition through an I.V. because they can’t keep food or water down. 

Making Sure No Bed Sores Or Wounds Start

Bed sores or wounds can be a problem for seniors that are bedridden because of cancer or the treatment they’re going through for cancer. A nurse can monitor your senior parent for any signs of bed sores or wounds, clean and treat existing wounds, and give suggestions on how to stop bed sores from starting in the first place. Having a nurse in the home can help prevent serious problems or side effects before they start which will protect seniors and minimize their pain and suffering. 

Skilled Nursing Care Aides can Give Anti-Nausea Medication or Other Meds

A skilled medical professional can give seniors medication like anti-nausea medication so they can eat the way they should or other medications that can keep them comfortable and help them live better while they are going through treatment. A nurse can also talk to your senior parent’s doctor and tell them that your senior parent needs medication for specific problems or for pain. The doctor will listen to the nurse and your senior parent should be able to get what they need much more quickly than they would if you had to take them to the emergency department. 

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