Ways Speech Changes As People Get Older

Have you noticed that your senior parent’s voice or manner of speaking has changed as they get older? It’s quite common for seniors to have changes in their speech and voice as they get older. Speech therapy service is important for seniors because it can help them hang onto their voice and ability to speak for longer. Speech therapy is a therapy that focuses on strengthening the throat muscles and that can also mean helping seniors swallow safely as they get older. Most doctors recommend that seniors start speech therapy as early as possible.

The more time that seniors spend working on their speech and building up their throat muscles the more likely it is they will not experience these changes as they get older:

Softening Voice

Speech Therapy Northport NY - Ways Speech Changes As People Get Older

Speech Therapy Northport NY – Ways Speech Changes As People Get Older

One of the changes that can happen to seniors as they get older is that their voices can get softer. When this happens it can be very difficult for seniors to be heard or understood. Seniors experience a softening of the voice when their larynx and the muscles around it are not functioning properly anymore. And seniors who are aging in place and may not speak to others very often are more likely to experience this kind of change than seniors who are very social and are speaking with friends and family every day. Speech therapy can help seniors who are experiencing a softening of their voices. And you can help them by calling or talking to your senior parent daily so they are using their voice regularly.


Hoarseness can be caused by many things, including deterioration of the muscles of the throat. Medications and health conditions can also contribute to hoarseness. There are exercises that seniors can do to clear up the hoarseness and make it easier for them to speak and be understood. Seniors and their families should take any new hoarseness seriously and get it checked out by a doctor. Temporary hoarseness caused by a cold or other illness should go away within a few weeks. If it doesn’t go away then speech therapy could be a good option.


Coughing can be caused by many things and doesn’t necessarily indicate a speech problem. But it can indicate that your senior parent is experiencing a deterioration of their throat muscles, which is what is causing them to cough. Speech therapy can help seniors build back the muscles in their throats so that they are able to swallow normally and not cough so much.

Difficulty Saying Certain Words

Seniors often have difficulty with certain words as they get older, especially seniors with dementia or conditions like Parkinson’s. But starting speech therapy now will give seniors the best chance to hang onto their ability to speak clearly as they get older. When seniors are engaged in practicing exercises that keep their larynx and throat muscles strong they are more likely to avoid future speech loss and difficulty with the words that they have been saying all their lives.

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