Elderly Care in Stonybrook NY: Your Loved One Has Been Diagnosed with Heart Failure. Now What?

Receiving a diagnosis like heart failure can really throw your loved one and you for a loop. Heart failure is a complex group of issues that your loved one might be able to manage by making a few simple changes.

Is Heart Failure as Bad as it Sounds?

Heart failure is a term that sounds as if your loved one’s heart is no longer functioning at all. In reality, her heart is still working, but not as well as it could or should be. Your loved one’s heart is weakened and may be enlarged or pumping irregularly. The specifics of your loved one’s heart failure are going to dictate the treatment plan that is best for her.

Learn as Much as You Can

Once you understand what your loved one is dealing with, it’s crucial to learn as much as you possibly can. Your loved one’s doctor is the best source of immediate information, but you’ll want to keep reading. Support groups can be an excellent source of both information and moral support.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Your loved one’s doctor will likely recommend a variety of different lifestyle changes for your loved one. These might include changing how she eats, adding exercise to her daily routine, and quitting longtime habits that can be dangerous, such as smoking. Lifestyle changes can be really difficult to make so your loved one might need some careful planning.

Follow Medical Advice

Your loved one’s doctor is going to give her very specific advice about how to manage her heart failure. It’s essential to make sure that you and your loved one follow that advice as closely as you possibly can. If you don’t, then your loved one’s heart failure may get worse much faster.

Get Some Extra Help

Both you and your loved one may need some extra help to deal with all of the changes in your lives. Talk to other family members about how they can help and consider hiring elderly care providers. As you and your loved one get a better handle on her health, you may need less help but remember it’s always an option.

Managing your loved ones heart disease is going to take ongoing learning and modification of her care plan. Take every day one step at a time and check in with her doctor regularly.

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Excerpt: It’s scary to hear that your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with heart failure. Once you understand what heart failure is and how it affects your loved one, you can help her to manage it.