While anyone who has diabetes should be seen by a doctor regularly, there are some things that can be done at home to manage diabetes. If you are in charge of taking care of your elderly loved one, there are some tips that can assist you in helping them to manage their diabetes. These tips are extremely important. You must also remember that many elderly people won’t be able to remember how to manage their diabetes on their own. They need you or their home care services providers to help them.

Home Care Services Floral Park NY - Managing Diabetes in the Elderly

Home Care Services Floral Park NY – Managing Diabetes in the Elderly

Regularly Checking Blood Sugar Levels

One of the most important things you can do to help your elderly loved one manage their diabetes is to regularly check their blood sugar levels. This is essential to making sure they stay as healthy as possible. If their blood sugar gets too high or too low, this could end up being a trip to the emergency room if they can’t get it back under control. Your elderly loved one’s doctor can tell you the best ways to keep their blood sugar at the proper levels.

Watching Their Weight

Another tip for managing diabetes in the elderly is managing their weight. People who are obese have many more issues with diabetes than those who are at a manageable weight. If your loved one is overweight or obese, help them to get back on track. Work with them on daily exercising. Have their home care services providers go for walks with them on a regular basis. Make sure they are eating healthy, as well.

Adequate Rest

While you want to make sure your elderly loved one is eating properly and getting enough exercise to manage their weight, you also want to make sure they are getting adequate rest. Without adequate rest, they can get stressed out. This can cause a range of problems including causing them to over or under-eat. Doing this can cause problems with their blood sugar levels.

Tracking Blood Sugar Levels

Another way you can help your elderly loved one to manage their diabetes at home is by tracking their blood sugar levels. Are there certain times of the day when their blood sugar levels drop? If so, make sure they are eating properly just before that. There are many apps that allow people to track their blood sugar levels. You can also keep a notebook journal of their blood sugar levels, as well.

Going to the Doctor Regularly

While it is essential that you, your loved one, and their home care services providers know how to properly manage their blood sugar levels at home, it is just as important that your elderly loved one go to the doctor regularly, too.

These are some of the best tips for managing diabetes in the elderly at home. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, now you know how you can best help them to keep their diabetes under control.

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