How Can a UTI be “Silent?”

When you think of a urinary tract infection (UTI), you likely think of burning pain while urinating. Most people do. In the elderly, a UTI may not be as easily detected. It can cause other symptoms that don't make people think of a UTI. When this happens, it's known as a silent UTI. Common Symptoms of a UTI A UTI is an infection that hits part of the urinary system. The infection can hit the bladder, the urethra or ureters, or the kidneys. ... Read more

Alzheimer’s Disease and Wandering – Why it Happens and How to Prevent it

Home Care in Huntington NY Wandering is a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease that usually does not occur until the later stages of the disease. It can be stressful for the caregiver since the elder frequently leaves their familiar surroundings for more unknown areas. This not only can be alarming for their family caregivers, but it can also cause confusion and anxiety among the senior. Your loved one will eventually need full time supervision, preferably from a professional elderly care provider. Below are some ... Read more


Home Care in Huntington NY On Thursday, August 11, 2016 Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci (R,C,I-South Huntington) visited Star Multi Care Services to hear first-hand how proposed changes in healthcare will potentially affect the elderly and the home care providers in New York State.  Star Multi Care Services has been providing in-home healthcare to residents of New York since 1938.  Stephen Sternbach, President and CEO,  Lauren Scalcione, Branch Administrator and Amy Brett, Senior Patient Care Advocate sat down with Assemblyman Lupinacci to discuss ... Read more

Home Care Awareness: Sinus Infections

Home Care in Huntington NY The fall may be a wonderful and beautiful time for you to spend with your elderly loved ones, but it is also a time when germs thrive and people are at higher risk of developing infections and illnesses. Older adults are even more vulnerable than younger adults because they tend to have weaker immune systems that make it easier for them to catch the illnesses, but also more difficult for them to fight them off. Preparing yourself ... Read more