Is it Possible to Boost Your Senior’s Immune System?

You might think that your elderly family member's immune system is as good as it will ever get, but there are some things you can do to help her to be a little healthier. Immunizations Can Help Many people are nervous about immunizations because they worry that they can make their seniors sick from the very illness the immunization protects from. This isn't the case, however, and the right immunizations can be very effective for your senior. Talk to her doctor about the ... Read more

Do You Know The Signs of Prostate Cancer?

As we age, our bodies don’t always work as well as they used to, which opens us up to more (and more serious) illnesses. One of these illnesses is prostate cancer, and it can be very dangerous if not detected early. You might be looking for a long list of “early warning signs” of prostate cancer, so that you can do just that: catch it early. Unfortunately, though, no such list exists. There are few to no symptoms of prostate cancer in ... Read more

The Complications of Diabetes – What You Need to Know

Senior Care in Plainview NY If you are a caregiver for a senior loved one with diabetes, helping them to healthfully manage their diabetes is probably one of your top priorities.  Controlling blood sugar levels is important for those with diabetes and having uncontrolled blood sugar levels for long periods of time can lead to many serious health problems.  Managing diabetes and keeping blood sugar under control can require a few difficult lifestyle changes that your loved one may find hard to ... Read more

Senior Care Activities: Supporting the Local Art Community Together

Senior Care in Plainview NY Art is a wonderful way to enhance your senior care journey with your aging loved ones by stimulating their minds, encouraging creativity and imagination, and fostering sharing, conversation, and self-expression. Supporting the local art community together is a fantastic way to get all of these benefits of art, while also encouraging your senior parents to feel more relevant within the community, less isolated, and more active. Support the local art community also allows you to be a more ... Read more