24-Hour Home Care Helps Seniors Stay Safe In Bad Weather

There’s no denying that extreme weather is becoming more and more common. And for seniors who are aging at home, bad weather can become a real disaster very quickly. Fires, floods, extreme heat, tornadoes, and even just losing power for an extended period of time can put seniors in danger.
Seniors who rely on medical equipment need to have backup power in case the power goes out. And seniors who are alone at night may be caught up in a bad situation and not be able to move fast enough to get to safety in time if there is an emergency. With 24-hour home care services, someone will always be there to help your senior loved ones and make sure they are safe.

Consider these situations and how 24-hour home care could keep them from becoming very dangerous:


24-Hour Home Care Stonybrook NY - 24-Hour Home Care Helps Seniors Stay Safe In Bad Weather

24-Hour Home Care Stonybrook NY – 24-Hour Home Care Helps Seniors Stay Safe In Bad Weather

If there were a fire in the middle of the night would your senior loved one even know about it in time to get to safety? Wildfires are very common in some parts of the country and residents often don’t get a lot of warning. With 24-hour home care someone will be there with your senior loved one who is awake, monitoring the situation, and ready to get your senior parent to safety fast if necessary. A care provider can also make sure that there is an emergency bag packed for your senior loved one that has clothing, medications, food, water, and other essentials so that your senior loved one will have everything they need.


Floods are doubly dangerous because contaminated flood water can cause illness and make it impossible to find potable drinking water. If there were a flood a care provider could make sure that any valuables were stowed up high, and that important paper and other items were safe. They could also get your senior loved one safely to higher ground to wait for help. And having a care provider there would also provide the comfort and assurance that your senior loved one would need to stay calm in a bad situation. No one wants their senior parent to go through an emergency alone.

Extreme Heat or Extended Power Outage

When the heat rises to dangerous levels seniors are at high risk. Having 24-hour home care means that there will always be someone to monitor your senior loved one’s body temperature and make sure they are staying cool. Seniors have a harder time regulating their body temperatures and the heat can affect them more than it affects younger people. That’s why it’s so important that seniors not be left alone in extreme heat.

Seniors should never be alone when the power goes out. They need to have a care provider or family member with them to make sure they are drinking enough water, staying cool, and that their medical equipment is staying powered up by batteries or a generator. Generators are great but can be physically difficult to keep going. A care provider can keep a generator going when necessary.

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Stephen Sternbach