How Does Home Health Care Help Someone with Heart Failure?

Once your elderly family member is diagnosed with heart failure, it’s vital that she knows how to manage her health and reduce her chances of going to the hospital. With the right tools and knowledge, your senior can slow down the progression of heart failure and prolong her life while also improving her quality of life. Home health care providers can help her to do all of these things and more.

Assisting with Dietary Changes

Home Health Care Dix Hills NY - How Does Home Health Care Help Someone with Heart Failure?

Home Health Care Dix Hills NY – How Does Home Health Care Help Someone with Heart Failure?

Often one of the easiest ways to make headway in treating heart failure is to help your senior to change her diet to one that supports heart health more fully. Knowing about what to eat is one thing but following through on those changes can be something completely different. Home care providers can assist your senior in making sure that those changes start happening.

Improving Mobility and Strength

The key to getting your senior to exercise a bit more and strengthen her heart is to improve both strength and mobility so that she’s able to exercise safely. Your senior’s doctor will recommend how much exercise she can get, and physical therapists can help her to get to that point. The less your senior moves, the harder that can be on her heart.

Keeping Track of Vital Signs and Symptoms

Monitoring and keeping track of things like heart rate, blood pressure, and how your senior is feeling is critical in her care. Caregivers are able to take care of those details for your senior. They can also monitor how your elderly family member is doing overall and ensure that you and her doctor are apprised of what’s happening.

Reminding and Educating about Medications

If medications are something that your senior’s doctor has prescribed to help her manage her heart failure, she may need to take them according to specific instructions and according to a schedule. Home health care providers are able to help your senior to adjust to that new schedule and remember to take her medications exactly as she should. Any side effects or important information about how she feels after taking her medication can also be logged and shared with your senior’s doctor.

Hiring Home Health Care Providers

Heart failure is a complicated and progressive condition. The more that your senior and you understand about what she’s experiencing, the better. Home health care can help your senior to learn what she needs to know about staying as healthy as possible with heart failure. They can also help her to learn what it feels like when she is in need of help so that she can reduce anxiety about what her new normal is and what is a problem that needs medical attention.

Your senior may have been shocked to learn that she’s dealing with heart failure, but she doesn’t have to manage it alone. Home health care services can help her to get back on her feet and to get back to living as independently as possible for as long as she can.

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