National Eye Exam Month: Five Common Eye Health Issues in the Elderly

August is National Eye Exam Month. How often does your dad get his eyes checked? If it’s been more than a year, he’s overdue. Some eye conditions are more common in the elderly, and early diagnosis is the best way to protect his vision. Hire companion care at home services for transportation and other chores if he is having eye issues.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Companion Care at Home Massapequa NY - National Eye Exam Month: Five Common Eye Health Issues in the Elderly

Companion Care at Home Massapequa NY – National Eye Exam Month: Five Common Eye Health Issues in the Elderly

The macula is the central portion of the retina, and it helps with central vision details like facial features and prints on a computer screen, newspaper, magazine, etc. If age-related macular degeneration occurs, it can lead to vision loss. There’s no cure, but nutritional supplements can help slow the progression.


In older adults, a cloudy film may form over the lens and lead to diminished vision. It’s easily corrected through surgery. If your dad has cataracts, his eye doctor may warn him to stop driving at night or when the sky is dark and other cars will have headlights on.

Diabetic Retinopathy

With diabetic retinopathy, the small blood vessels that travel to the retina develop small leaks or may even rupture. Keeping blood sugar levels managed is crucial to preventing this eye condition from worsening or leading to vision impairment.


There’s fluid within the eye that helps transport oxygen and remove waste. If the pressure of that fluid increases and isn’t draining, the excess pressure causes the condition known as glaucoma. If caught early, treatments like medications, eye drops, and surgery can save your dad’s vision.

If your dad has glaucoma, his doctor may not tell him to stop driving completely, but he may find it hard to drive on sunny days or when other cars have headlights turned on. Bright light can be problematic. Blurred vision is also common, so corrective contacts or glasses are essential.


Presbyopia is incredibly common. You may notice it happening to you, too. It’s a refracting error that makes small print seem very blurry and hard to read. If your dad has to read a nutrition label or small print on a coupon or piece of mail, you’ll notice he holds it a certain distance away to try to make it clearer.

While presbyopia isn’t an annoyance, it’s not dangerous. You should ask him about having someone helping him on shopping trips, paying bills, and reading instructions on a recipe or new appliance.

What do you do when your dad is having a harder time seeing? He can no longer drive, he can’t see things clearly, and often fails to wash surfaces and dishes properly. Operating appliances is a big problem.

Companion care at home services help your dad with household chores. They can drive him to stores, medical offices, and other area businesses. His vision may be diminishing, but he can still live independently with a little help. Call our companion care at home agency to learn how.

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