Caregiver in Northport NY: Caregiver Stress Can Sneak Up on You

Most of the time illnesses and other health related challenges in life have a tendency to sneak up on us. On some rare occasions we may be hit with the full-blown flu, for example, and be completely caught a surprise. However, most of the time we are readily aware that there are various risk factors surrounding us, so when we do get sick or begin dealing with some serious health issue, we aren’t all that surprised. When you are a family caregiver, stress can actually sneak up on you.

You might think this is going to be an easy job.

Unfortunately, not many family members see taking care of an elderly loved one as a job. When they don’t view it as such, they may take it too lightly, a not focus on the right things to do, and may not be as dependable as they should.

When a person has a job, they have a specific expectation for their responsibilities. They may have to show up at a specific time. As a family caregiver, if you don’t see what you do as a job, you may show up when you have time, at your convenience, or only when called.

When that elderly person begins calling you frequently, even in the morning, afternoon, and at night, it’s going to get frustrating. Suddenly that simple job is no longer as easy as it once seemed.

You may not think about the future.

Your mother, father, or other family member may have recently been dealt a serious health issue. You might not be thinking much about the future, especially the long distant future. You don’t know what next month will bring.

If you’re not thinking about the future, you’re probably not thinking about all the things you’ll likely give up as this senior requires more and more help from you. It could be time with your spouse, friends, or even time you devote to your career.

Stress will impact work and relationships.

Eventually, this caregiver stress you experience, the one that will sneak up on you over a matter of weeks or months, will start to negatively affect your job, your job performance, and even your relationships, including possibly your marriage or your best friends.

It can even affect your health.

The more stress you’re under, the less likely you’re going to eat healthy, get restful sleep, and take care of yourself. You may even give up exercise because you simply don’t have time.

When you’re aware that stress can affect you, you give it less of a chance to sneak up on you and, ultimately, negatively impact your health, relationships, and life.

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