Elder Care in Rockville Center NY: Encouraging Dad to Hire Home Care After a Hospitalization

Your father, maybe in his 60s, 70s, or 80s, has recently been hospitalized. You’re concerned about him because, even though his doctor has recommended home care support, he doesn’t seem inclined to believe that’s necessary.

Right now, he’s outright refusing to even consider home care support services. This is causing you and the rest of your family a great deal of frustration and anxiety. You don’t want to see him back in the hospital before long.

A hospital readmission is technically any time somebody is readmitted within 30 days of their discharge. The federal government has been placing increased pressure on hospitals to reduce these rates, and your father and other patients have a significant role to play in it.

So, does he have the right to refuse extra care?

Yes, he does. As an independent individual, as long as he is able to rationally think and is cogent and lucid, he has the right to determine whether or not he receives home care support services. There may be certain reasons why he doesn’t want to consider the prospect of relying on a home care aide, visiting nurse, or other professional.

Take some time to understand his reasons.

His reasons may be completely different than what your expectations would be. He may have certain misconceptions about home care services. Maybe a friend, sibling, or other loved one in the past relied on a home care aide and things didn’t work out too well.

Maybe he assumes it’s just too expensive. You might not realize that a home care aide, visiting nurse, or even a physical therapist could be hired for just a couple of hours a day. He may not even realize a visiting nurse is only needed once or twice a week to check is vital statistics and make sure everything is moving smoothly with regard to his recovery.

Explain the benefits of following doctor’s instructions.

When you understand his reasons, sit down and explain why it’s so important for him to follow his doctor’s instructions. He may assume the recovery is going to go along fine whether he follows those instructions or not.

Also, help him focus on the future.

At the moment, your father may not be focused on his future. When you can get him thinking about the future, the activities he wants to do, spending time with friends, and more, help him realize that if he doesn’t work on this recovery and complications arise he may not be able to do those things. This can be exactly what he needs to realize there are incredible benefits to home care support.

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