MONTAUK, NY—Star Multi Care Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Sternbach, and Chief Financial Officer, David Schoenberg  hosted their annual Administrator’s Meeting at the beautiful Montauk Yacht Club last week.  Fifteen of the company’s management staff attended the three-day event. During the “Meeting of the Minds” themed event, Stephen and David took to the Boardroom to review the previous year’s successes, as well as to develop new and improved programs for the upcoming fiscal year.  The primary discussions this year included evolving health care ... Read more

Elderly Care Tips: Helping Your Parents Cope with Constipation

Elderly Care in Plainview NY Constipation is an uncomfortable situation, but for many elderly adults, it is a frequent reality. Older adults are much more likely to experience constipation than younger adults and may be less likely to discuss these symptoms with their caregivers and doctors, which can make it more difficult to manage and overcome the symptoms. Though constipation itself is not a disease, it could be a symptom of something more serious going on, so it is important to make ... Read more

Senior Care: Reducing the Risk of Your Elderly Parent Falling

Senior Care in Stonybrook NY One of the most common reasons for hospitalization of the elderly results from falls. As caregivers, one of the most important aspects of senior care is being aware of the dangers that may be present in the home of your elderly parents. Preventing falls in the home is essential to ensure the best quality of life and independence for your elderly parent. Senior Care and Preventing Falls More than half of all falls among the elderly occur because of ... Read more

Lupus Awareness Month: Know the Symptoms of Elderly-Onset Lupus

Caregiver in Manhasset NY Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack itself. A normal immune system is meant to fight foreign substances in your body, such as viruses and germs. However, an autoimmune disease, such as Lupus, causes the immune system to instead attack healthy tissues. The chronic inflammatory attack caused by Lupus can affect the heart, joints, skin, blood cells, lungs and/or brain. May is Lupus awareness month, so it is a great time to learn ... Read more

How Home Care Specialists Can Help Elders With Diabetes

Home Care in Floral Park NY Over 20% of Americans over the age of 65 are affected by diabetes. It is a frustrating, and sometimes scary, disease that affects the pancreas and requires many changes to daily life. Fortunately, diabetes is a manageable disease, even well into a person’s golden years, especially with the right support system. Even home caregivers can help with some of the care elders with diabetes. Dietary Needs In addition to the medications needed to manage diabetes, diet becomes a ... Read more

3 Ways to Apologize after an Argument with Mom when You’re Her Caregiver

Caregiver in Great Neck NY The more time you spend with another person, the more likely it will be that an issue arises between you and that individual. If you have been your mother’s caregiver for some length of time, especially if she requires a great level of assistance on a regular basis, tension can build over time. When you have an argument, when things get to be too much, it can lead to anger, resentment, and saying things that you or she ... Read more

Write a Letter to Yourself to Find Out What’s Most Important with Regard to Senior Care Options

Senior Care in Northport NY If you are an aging senior or have a family member who has reached a certain age where they have difficulty tending to their own basic care at home, senior care is likely an option that will come up for discussion. There are many different types of senior care available. The most common is a home care aide. This is an individual assists seniors with any number of basic tasks throughout the day. These tasks could include light ... Read more

Eating Right, Getting Exercise, and Staying Active for Seniors

Senior Care in Dix Hills NY George was never one to really pay much attention to his diet. He married his wife, Melinda, when they were both 19 years old. It was a traditional marriage and she was responsible for taking care of the home and preparing meals for him. They both grew up in a much different social climate and that was considered normal to them. After Melinda passed away, George felt completely lost and alone in the world. Because he didn’t ... Read more

Alzheimer’s Care Activities: Strengthening Your Parents’ Minds on Scrabble Day  

Elder Care in Rockville Center NY As a caregiver offering care for an elderly adult with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, one of your main care goals should be finding ways to exercise and strengthen your parent's mind. Studies have shown that regular "workouts" for the brain improve cognitive processing and can even help slow down the progression of the disease. Keeping your parent's brain working, however, does not have to mean a never-ending stream of flashcards or having him repeat ... Read more

Getting Back Behind the Wheel: Senior Care Considerations

Senior Care in Massapequa NY Back in November Ted had voluntarily given up driving for the winter. Living in Michigan he knew plenty about how difficult it can be once the cold weather hit, the rain water can freeze, and the snow could fall. He didn’t want to risk getting into an accident, getting stranded somewhere, and putting himself or others at risk. Ted was 82 years old at the time and even though the Department of Motor Vehicles in Michigan hadn’t suspended ... Read more
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